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KindNest - Fundamentals of Conscious Eco and Social Change

KindNest Events + Meetups

 Utilize the KindNest event list for our bespoke curated collectives which seek to create conscious community around topics that matter to you through Lunch + Learns, Workshops + Retreats, and our accountabilibuddy and "wellkend" programs

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Subscription Kits

Assume a more sustainable lifestyle gradually and seamlessly with the KindNest Subscription which give you access to Bath, Kitchen, Hygiene, and Combo kits depending on your needs seasonally and as a 1-time purchase option with cost savings passed on to you!

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KindNest Consulting

Hire KindNest for an initial consult for businesses and individuals to analyze your sustainability and operational efficiencies through our custom assessment. 

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Mentor and Coaching for Conscious living

We all have different starting points, which is why we curate programs and planning for your journey to conscious social change