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KEA - Covid Relief Jewelry

My name is Katrina and I am a Massachusetts native and artist living in Colorado. After the Covid-19 crisis and quarantine brought my international and ski travel to an early end, I began to fill my time in other ways. These earrings were one of my projects that brought together my passions for creating and for giving back. I started by selling them along with gift cards to local businesses in my Cape Cod and Denver communities. I've now decided to offer them on Kind Nest in hopes of reaching a broader audience and having a larger impact.

100% of the profits for each pair of earrings will be donated to an organization impacted by or helping with the relief for Covid-19. Not only do I want to raise money to help those in need, but I want to inspire other people to use their passions and talents to do the same. My hope is that we all continue to work together to stay safe and help each other through these tough times!

Thanks so much! 

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