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Apply For Changemaker Scholarship


changemaker is anyone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem.    No one person can do anything alone and it will always take you inspiring others to make an impact. In the end, being a Changemaker means being someone who's able to inspire others, being able to adapt to the changes around you and being able to become the change you want to see happen.



Each of applicants we honor is beginning a journey and entering that path at different points. We see their promise and we share their dreams. We want to encourage and help them as they set out on their journeys and see where they take us.

Once becoming a KindNest Changemaker, we ensure that these incredible young individuals continue their bright trailblazing paths ahead. Some of the opportunities our Changemakers receive include:

  • The $500-$5000 Changemaker Scholarship for their concept and execution

  • Invitations to future events and Forums.

  • Social media promotion of our Changemakers and the accomplishments that lead to their Scholarship.

  • Changemakers will always have a home at the KindNest Collective and on our website and we will recognize their continued efforts as we become a community.


Do you think you could be a Changemaker - or do you know someone else who may qualify as one? 

Read the following criteria and check for a match! The Changmaker Scholarship awardees should be:

  • Have experience to share working for a cause you care about and believe is fundamental to societal progress.

  • Have made an impact in your local community and/or wider national community

  • Written essay about why you want the scholarship and what the money will contribute to and why your idea deserves to win (no limit or max)

To nominate yourself or someone you know as a Changemaker, for further information about the Scholarship program, or to donate to fund a future Changemaker, email: with the subject line "[NAME] Changemaker Scholarship"