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Individual Consulting + Coaching

Individual Consulting + Coaching

We want to empower individuals to be the best versions of themselves for whatever that means along the way in their journey. That means customized, personal course work catered to your best learning style for quick, fast results with low impact changes.

We approach this in a 3 phase approach.

  1. By assessing where we are at with ourselves
  2. Looking at ways in which we can contribute to our community
  3. Educating ourselves on the impact of the environment

We do this through our varied events, from retreats and wellkends (wellness weekends), to workshops, supper-clubs, brunches and festivals complete with groundbreaking speakers, teachers and practitioners as well as homework for the person on their own growth journey .


Please send us an email or reach out on our contact form to inquire for more info about a complimentary consult!