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Mission + Vision


KindNest is an eco & social conscious company that facilitates change makers globally through various initiatives that promote sustainable living products, community outreach, advocacy, and mental health.

We bridge the gap between ecology, community, and mental health in a positive and approachable way with a conscious awareness.  By systematically breaking down our understanding around the interconnectedness of these themes, we can empower a society that values individual, social, and environmental wellbeing.

As we further break down our cognitive bias, we drive that change in a holistic way. We further cultivate this by choosing kindness, educating each other, reinvesting in our communities, advocating sustainable swaps & eco-alternatives, and leveraging best practices and knowledge transfer in the areas of self-development, wellness, activism, & professional Mentorship.

Anyone can be a change maker and positive change occurs when we are safe to be inspired and authentic.  Be kind to yourself and others through the journey and choose empathy, not apathy when you can.

The last thing we want to mention is the importance of circular economic business practices and we emphatically practice what we preach. KindNest incorporates philanthropic giving into each transaction we make.  This means giving a percentage of our profits back to those that are trying to do better, fundraising to organizations promoting mental health, equality, women empowerment and more. We also volunteer our time monthly to initiatives worth supporting which we will share with you along the way.  The thought is that if we are fortunate enough to benefit from this movement, others should too.

(To learn more or get involved, please visit our collaborate section. )

Thank you for being a part of our collective of change makers in whatever way that works for you. We value your support and look forward to learning and growing together.

This is KindNest.



(If you’re still not sure what all of the above means, stick with us for a little while longer and see if our mindful methodology resonates with you.)